...when you give black voices a platform and the opportunity to tell our story, we will tell good stories just like anybody else.
— Jordan Peele

We connect. We create. We celebrate.

ÉZÈ STUDIO is a pro-black digital media group created to highlight the stories of black creators and leaders in our community. We share our stories, our talents and create unique content that celebrates the diversity of our lives.
(Based in Winnipeg, MB - Treaty One Territory)



There are many forms of creativity and innovation that span the lives of black people in Canada. It is essential that these stories are shared; told by the people themselves. 

From athletes and entrepreneurs; to artists and authors, the black community is incredibly diverse and offers so much of ourselves to Canada's modern culture. This site is for us to have a platform where members throughout the community could go to support one another both locally and abroad.

This is why we created ÉZÈ STUDIO.


The word ÉZÈ comes from Igbo (Nigeria) which loosely translates to "king" or, more generally, "someone who holds royal status." This name ÉZÈ STUDIO reflects a part of my Nigerian heritage. It also describes the character of our brand; black people and POC who have ambition and are proud of who they are.

Through our work, we create unique content, network and share stories. We aspire to have each person see themselves as the powerful individuals they truly are in their own unique way.

ÉZÈ STUDIO's philosophy is based on three values that we share - We Connect. We Create. We Celebrate.

We Connect Through Culture.

It is through culture that people share their stories and experiences. We take pride in supporting the content that help tell stories in an authentic way. Culture is what builds bonds between shared experiences; forming lifelong connections.

We Create Within Community.

From education and politics; to art and entertainment, ÉZÈ STUDIO works at sharing opportunities and highlighting a range of talented individuals. We work and collaborate with creators of different skills and disciplines.

We Celebrate Our Achievements.

We network with black-owned businesses, local non-profits, festivals and other organizations that are making a positive impact in the community. From art venues to live perfomrances; panel discussions and Black History Month events. These events where we come together allow us to connect with one another; to better support and celebrate who we are as a people.

     - K. P. Obinna, Visual Director & Creator of ÉZÈ STUDIO

K. P. OBINNA, VISUAL DIRECTOR of ÉZÈ STUDIO  * Photos taken by K. P, Obinna


*Photos taken by K. P, Obinna